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P&H Medical Consulting offer several different ways of working with you so that the services we provide are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation:


Small group workshops exploring  improvement science and how it can be utilised in your organisation to ensure improvement


We spend time in a clinical area observing practices and  processes and then feedback to the Executive, Managerial & Clinical Teams at the end of the day.


Our team will spend time in the clinical area observing practices and processes. We then work with your clinicians and help them  create solutions to the problems they encounter. We then provide monthly meetings to assist implementation and trouble-shooting.


We will work directly with your front-line staff and management team actually in the clinical area for several weeks to help them
implement an improvement programme.


​Our team perform a ‘deep dive inspection’ in a clinical area. The inspection includes assessments of patient safety, quality  of care, operational performance, clinical leadership and clinical governance. A presentation of findings and a detailed ​report are provided.