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Philip Weihser  |  James Paget University Hospitals
Dr Paul Jarvis and his team have been assisting James Paget University Hospitals to undertake substantial improvement work within the Emergency Division over the last 18 months. During this time, Paul has been instrumental in helping the Trust to realise a vision of establishing an Ambulatory Care area in a carefully planned and evidence-based manner, through the utilisation of Lean methodology; resulting in a 48% reduction in patient length-of-stay with 90% of patients discharged on the same day. Following on from the success of this project, we are currently scaling-up activity into additional hospital areas and the Trust's Executive Board has approached P&H Medical Consulting to deliver 'Improvement Workshops'; developments that I am sure will continue to deliver impressive performance benefits to patients and staff alike. 
Ian Taylor, Director of Visual Healthcare Solutions and Senior Fellow of the Lean Enterprise Academy UK
We have had the pleasure of working with Paul Jarvis and his team for over five years. In fact, he was one of the very first people to buy our book ‘Making Hospitals Work’ back in 2009 and was an early adopter of the scientific approach codified in the book. We have collaborated with Paul and his team throughout the UK, Ireland, Italy and with the staff and clinicians from Harvard Medical School. Paul is a clinician that also thinks like an industrial engineer and designer. Sadly, these skills are lacking in healthcare at present. He applies the same scientific approach to dealing with broken healthcare processes that he does when dealing with a sick patient.
Bob R  |  Birmingham 
Dr Paul Jarvis provides a unique and high quality service. Acting as a mentor, guide and mediator, he has supported our organisation internally and our customers, by assisting them to plan and deliver change in their departments and facilities. In my humble opinion a very valuable asset for my business. 
Glen MacKenzie  |  Princeton, New Jersey
Dr. Paul Jarvis brings a unique skill set to the challenge of managing the patient pathway as efficiently as possible. His understanding of the clinical needs of the patient, while positively impacting operational metrics of the Trust through the application of process change and LEAN principles has been well received in the UK.
Tania K  |  West Yorkshire
I've worked with Paul and his team on a number of pieces of improvement work. Having a doctor who really understands the theory with the ability to make it work in practice is a huge bonus.